Pivot’s Three-Generation Story

The founding of Pivot has its roots in the VanPort flood near the end of World War II. Brandon, our Managing Partner, tells the story:

The name of the holding company that owns the 620 Building is “Walker Place LLC.”  It has that name for a reason.  When my mother was growing up she was very poor.  In fact, when she was 6 years old, she and her single mother (my Grandma) lost everything in the VanPort Flood.  They were destitute, living out of suitcases and sleeping on the floors of friends and neighbors.  Once the living conditions became unbearable, my grandmother sent my mother away to live with my aunt in East County.  However, every weekend my mother would come home to spend time with my Grandma in her tiny apartment.  Given that my grandmother didn’t have much money, on Saturdays she and my mother would take the bus downtown to window-shop.  For a treat, my grandmother would take my mother to the lunch counter inside Newberry’s Department Store for a hamburger and milkshake.  For many years, this was the only quality time my mother was able to spend with her mother.   Years later, when my mom started her business, she found herself in similar economic circumstances.    She was a single mother with two toddlers (my brother and I).  To help make ends meet, we moved in with our grandmother who finally owned a home of her own.  While my mom worked her heart out to start her business, my Grandmother slipped into her old routine of taking my brother and I Downtown on the weekends.  For a treat, she would take us to lunch at the Newberry’s lunch counter and tell us funny stories about our mom…  My grandmother passed away in 1995.     In 1996 Ross Dress for Less assumed Newberry’s lease and closed the lunch counter.  In 2006, my mother, brother and I purchased the 620 Building.  My grandmother’s name was Margret Walker…  “Walker Place.”  We named the company after her because it was her discipline and sacrifice that made it possible for our family to be where we are today.  The fact that we own the building where we have such fond memories of our grandma is nice too.