Consulting and Project Management

New Construction and Redevelopment Project Management

Purchasing or selling a commercial building can be detailed, complex, and fast-paced. Let Pivot assist you with the physical and fiscal due diligence for your prospective purchases.

Pivot offers construction project management, construction project accounting, and construction lender interface services for large and small projects. We manage the day-to-day written communication flow, keeping you always informed and in charge of the construction process. Working closely with contractors and lenders, we keep your project moving and on schedule. Draw submittals and contractor payments are given top priority. Our construction accounting reports are easy to understand and can be customized.

Building Operations Consulting

We provide operations consulting for new construction and redevelopment projects. From your building’s design to the lease structure you choose, we will help you make the right decisions to reduce operating costs and optimize operating efficiency for the life of your asset.